Garden fences

Garden fence is one of the most popular elements of garden architecture.  It allows you to create a wonderful composition of plant. We offer a wide selection of models and designs of garden fences, so each of you will find the most suitable for your garden.

Garden Trellis

We especially recommend our garden trellis - perfect to hide from the sun during hot summer days, or invite friends for dinner on a warm summer evening. We present a wide range of shapes and designs of garden trellis that everyone can choose the one that works for you and your loved ones. Garden trellis can be a great way to complement the exterior of your home and create a unified garden design. (and enhance any garden décor) 

Garden planters

We offer a wide selection of garden planters  and flower pots made from pressure treated wood which protect them from weathering and rot. Available in different shapes and sizes, our planters and flower pots make an attractive addition to any garden. (add a nice touch to any garden) 

Garden tables

Garden tables are the best choice for people who love to spend time outdoors. Ideal for receptions and meetings. With its classic design, they will fit in perfectly with  the décor of any garden. Made from pressure treated wood, our picnic tables will be a marvelous addition to your garden for years to come.